Heroes Day

Honoring America’s Military, Veterans and First Responders

On Thursday, February 27, 2020 the Cleveland Auto Show welcomes active military personnel, reservists, veterans, and fire, police and other safety and security personnel to attend the show free of charge with a valid I.D. 

The offer is open to current and former U.S. Military personnel, including: reservists and retired members of the Coast Guard, National Guard, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy and the Department of Defense.

Must provide proof of service with a valid photo I.D. Veterans can show the U.S. Armed Forces designation on their driver's license, a DD214, or a VA Medical Card, but it must be accompanied with a valid photo I.D.

Active and retired fire and police personnel who qualify for free admission include: firefighters, EMTs, police officers, state troopers, investigators, evidence technicians, firearms examiners, crime lab technicians, 911 dispatchers and correction officers and other employees of the aforementioned organizations.

The offer is also available for those working for national security organizations such as: the F.B.I., Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, National Security Administration, U.S. Customs, or U.S. Border Patrol.

Local, state and national safety and law enforcement personnel must show an identification card from their place of employment, along with a valid photo I.D. Badges, uniforms and fraternal and lodge cards will not be accepted as proof of service nor identification. Since volunteer firefighters don’t have official ID, we are asking for a letter stating that you have served as a volunteer, with approximate dates.

Free admission is limited to an individual with valid identification and will not be extended to spouses, children or friends, however there is no geographic limitation. No matter when or where you served, or where you currently live, you are free to take advantage of the offer.

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