Media Credential Application

Media Credential Application

Press credentials will be required for access to the show floor after 4:00 PM on Media Day, Friday, February 25, 2022.

By submitting the Cleveland Auto Show Media Credentials application, I acknowledge that the information I supplied above is accurate and true, and that I will abide by the Cleveland Auto Show's policies outlined as follows.

Credentials will be available for pickup at the Cleveland Auto Show press office during all public show hours. Prior to Media Day, pickup is available Monday, February 21 through Thursday, February 24 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. If you would like your pass mailed to you, please email before February 14, 2022.

Cleveland Auto Show Media Credentials Policy:

Application may be made by working media, in the interest of covering the Cleveland Auto Show for public information purposes. The Cleveland Auto Show reserves the right to approve or deny access to media credentials for any reason in compliance with state and local laws. In the interest of security and to maintain adequate accommodations for show and Press Preview attendees, the Cleveland Auto Show requires qualified media and necessary support personnel to comply with this policy.

The Cleveland Auto Show reserves the right to remove persons from the show and may impose a forfeiture or reduction of your company’s press credentials for the balance of the Cleveland Auto Show if:

  • Credentials that have been requested for the people under your company name are not representatives or employees of your company.
  • Employees of your company escort people onto the show floor without following Cleveland Auto Show credentialing procedures.

The Cleveland Auto Show reserves the right to revoke issued media credentials at any time. Media credentials will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for attending the Cleveland Auto Show is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering the event as working news media.

Television, Broadcast, Film, Video and Internet Policy

This policy applies to all Cleveland Auto Show activities including the Press Preview and Public Show.


  1. No entity may use any audio or visual devices, including film, videotape, DVD, webcam, or any other similar methods to capture audio or visual images of the Cleveland Auto Show or its events for broadcast or other commercial use without the express permission of the Cleveland Auto Show or the GCADA.
  2. The Cleveland Auto Show is responsible for the approval of all requests for access to obtain audio or visual materials, including film, video and streaming video from all Cleveland Auto Show events. Any unauthorized use may result in denial of access to future Cleveland Auto Show events and legal action may also ensue.
  3. No entity may supply, sell or resell any audio or visual materials of any Cleveland Auto Show event without the express written consent of the Cleveland Auto Show or the GCADA. No entity, with the exception of official Cleveland Auto Show partners, may represent that it is the official, authorized or sole provider of Cleveland Auto Show content or coverage.
  4. No television station, network or cable channel is permitted to identify itself as, or imply that it is, the official station of the Cleveland Auto Show.
  5. There will be no on-site promotions without express, prior approval of Cleveland Auto Show Management staff.

The Cleveland Auto Show and the GCADA has the right to control the use of its logos and trademarks and closely monitor all broadcasts emanating from, or featuring coverage of the Cleveland Auto Show or the Chairman’s Premiere. All media credentials remain the property of the Cleveland Auto Show and the Cleveland Auto Show reserves the right to revoke the media credentials and access to the Cleveland Auto Show at any time. In addition, access to future Cleveland Auto Show events may be restricted or denied to any individual or organization that does not comply with these policies established by the Cleveland Auto Show and the GCADA.

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